1inch Launches Liquidity Mining Program With Ren

Decentralized Exchange Liquidity Aggregator 1inch has announced a partnership with the renBTC tokenized bitcoin project to launch a new liquidity program. Hodlmonkls informed about this by representatives of the DeFi project.

Users will be able to trade and provide liquidity for all renBTC based assets on the Binance Smart Chain.

The program starts on March 24 at 00:01 UTC. Until April 21, 2021, the equivalent of $ 20,000 in 1INCH and $ 20,000 in renBTC will be distributed between liquidity providers through the corresponding liquidity pool.

The following liquidity pools will also open:

  • renBTC – BTC;
  • renBCH – BCH;
  • renDGB – DGB;
  • renDOGE – DOGE;
  • renZEC – ZEC.

1inch added that they will add support for renFIL and renLUNA in the future. The partners are also considering possible integration of the RenVM network in 1inch and liquidity mining programs for renDBG and renZEC assets.

As a reminder, on March 16, the aggregator updated the 1inch Aggregation Protocol . The update will allow you to save on commissions.

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