Fidelity: Asset Managers Still Don’t Understand Cryptocurrencies

The increased demand from large investors for cryptocurrencies is creating an incentive for wealth managers and financial advisors to study the emerging asset class. This was stated by the head of Fidelity Institutional Asset Management Michael Durbin in an interview with Reuters .

According to the expert, family offices and investment advisers have begun to better understand digital assets, but the process of their development is at an early stage.

 “The vast majority are still in ‘learning mode’ ,” Durbin explained.

 The top manager expects increased interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, the driver will be the desire to increase the share of so-called alternative investments .

“The cryptocurrency market will receive part of the capital inflow into alternative investment instruments. The consultants will have to figure out how to integrate digital assets into portfolios, ”the specialist concluded.

Recall that in June 2020, Fidelity reported that one in three of 774 surveyed large clients in the US and Europe had already included digital assets in the list of investment targets.

At the end of December, the head of Fidelity Investments Abigail Johnson announced the incredible success of the cryptocurrency storage service for institutional clients, launched in October 2019.

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