Cannabis Seed Token

Cannabis Seed Token

Cannabis Seed Token

Cannabis seed token (CANA) is offering a unique cryptocurrency that will be around for many years to come because of the year-on-year demand of cannabis seeds.
CANA seed tokens will be redeemable for a physical cannabis seed even if the token’s value is zero on an exchange. Giving confidence to our token holders that at no point in the token’s existence will you the token holder be holding a worthless token as our tokens are backed directly to cannabis seed that will be redeemable on our website.
Also, by being a token holder of CANA tokens you are investing into a cannabis company and foundation that is created to help the cannabis industry and community.
Our ICO will create a cannabis seed bank and seed vault that will serve the world’s market in a multibillion pound industry focusing on both medical and recreational use.
Cannabis seeds will be supplied by a framework of decentralized growers and an in-house team that will create and distribute seeds for tokens.


TOKEN SALE 12,000,000 CANA

Ticker: CANA
Token type: ERC-20
ICO Token price: 1 CANA = 1.17 USD
Fundraising Goal: 8,344,781 USD
Whitelist: Yes
Accepts the following: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, XLM


Team from: UK
Number of Team Members: 3


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