Akash Mainnet 2 – Open Source Decentralized Cloud Launched

On March 8, decentralized cloud hosting Akash Network launched a new version of the Akash Mainnet 2. ForkLog was told by project representatives.

Akash Network users rent and lease server power for deploying applications and sites. The hosting is powered by the Cosmos blockchain.

Last year Akash Network launched Mainnet 1 with basic operations: transactions, staking and voting of network members. Since the launch of Mainnet 1, the price of Akash Network ( AKT ) utility tokens has grown 18 times – from $ 0.35 to $ 6.45 at its peak.

In Mainnet 2, the developers implemented DeCloud – a decentralized cloud and server capacity auction. In the new version of the web, users can run websites, blogging platforms, databases, games, DeFi projects, blockchain nodes and other applications in Docker containers.

The advantages of a decentralized cloud over centralized counterparts:

  • savings – renting capacity in Akash DeCloud is 2-3 times cheaper than in Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services;
  • fault tolerance – in case of loss of connection with the supplier, Akash Network automatically transfers applications to the free capacities of another user;
  • Flexibility – When searching for a vendor, you can specify the number of processor cores, the amount of storage, and your preferred geographic location.

During DeCloud testing, developers deployed 3,600 apps to decentralized storage. Among them are 77 large projects : the SushiSwap and Uninswap frontends, the MySQL database, the Big Dipper blockchain explorer, and the Doom game.

In early March, Akash Network announced integration with major computing power provider Equinix Metal. The provider owns 220 data centers in 25 countries around the world. Through this collaboration, Akash Network users will have access to an advanced server infrastructure with low network latency.

Recall that in October 2020, the Akash Network project raised $ 640,000 during IEO.

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