Blocking Twitter in Russia, $ 4 billion in damage from online crimes and other cybersecurity events

We have collected the most important news from the world of cybersecurity for the week.


  • Roskomnadzor threatened to completely block Twitter in the Russian Federation in a month.
  • The Russian confessed to trying to organize a hacking of one of the American companies. This company is most likely Tesla.
  • According to the FBI, victims of cybercriminals lost $ 4.2 billion in 2020.

The Russian pleaded guilty to an attempt to break into a US company. This is probably about Tesla

Russian citizen Yegor Kryuchkov admitted his guilt in an attempt to organize a conspiracy to commit a cyberattack on an American company. The Ministry of Justice’s message does not indicate the name of the latter, but earlier Elon Musk indirectly confirmed that it was Tesla.

Recall, according to the investigation, Kryuchkov tried to bribe an employee of one of the companies in Nevada in the amount of $ 1 million in bitcoins to install malware into the computer system of this organization.

FBI: Cybercrime victims lost more than $ 4.2 billion in 2020

2020 has become a record year for the number of cybercrimes, according to a report from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

With the release of the 2020 Internet Crime Report, the #FBI wants to remind the public to file complaints about internet crimes via . By reporting internet crimes, victims can help law enforcement fight cybercriminals.

– FBI (@FBI) March 17, 2021

The number of cybercrime complaints in 2020 increased by 69% over the previous year, and the total damage increased by 20%. The victims lost more than $ 4.2 billion, according to the FBI.

The network turned out to be a database of former clients of the WeLeakInfo resource closed by law enforcement officers

The hacker forum RaidForums published a database with the data of former clients of WeLeakInfo, a service for the sale of personal data, which law enforcement officers closed last year. Bleeping Computer reported .

Experts estimate that the database contains data from about 10 thousand WeLeakInfo clients, including email addresses, bank card information, IP addresses, phone numbers and other information. 

US authorities are looking for a hacker who was behind the hacking of a video surveillance system of 150 thousand cameras 

The American authorities have accused the hacker Tillie Kottmann of numerous hacks and theft of confidential data.

Swiss Hacker indicted for conspiracy, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft – Allegedly targeted and published source code and proprietary data of corporate and government victims in various countries

– WDWAnews (@WDWAnews) March 18, 2021

According to the prosecution, since 2019, Kottmann and his accomplices have hacked dozens of companies and government agencies and published confidential data of more than 100 organizations on the network.

Recall that Kottmann claimed that he was involved in the hacking of the Verkada video surveillance company, as a result of which hackers gained access to 150 thousand cameras .

Roskomnadzor threatened to completely block Twitter on the territory of the Russian Federation in a month

Roskomnadzor said they would give Twitter a month to remove prohibited content. If the service does not take any action, the agency will consider blocking it completely in the country.

Last week, due to the social network’s refusal to remove content that is considered illegal in the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor began to slow down the service.

Experts have found a way to decrypt data without paying a ransom to the LockBit virus

A bug was found in the code of the LockBit ransomware virus, thanks to which it became possible to decrypt data without paying a ransom.

#Malware #Ransomware #LockBit

In LockBit ransomware, clients found a bug that allows using trial decryptor infinitely. Also, one client reminded about critical bugs due to not usable LockBit in big ransomware attacks.

– 3xp0rt (@ 3xp0rtblog) March 16, 2021

As a reminder, LockBit ransomware targets companies and business users. Last year, ransomware operators released the stolen data of US residents .

Also on Hodlmonks:

  • Blockchain platform for issuing “social money” was hacked for $ 5.7 million .
  • Several DeFi projects have been cyberattacked .
  • The Russian authorities want to oblige telecom operators to provide Roskomnadzor with personal data of subscribers , as well as force businesses to transfer anonymized data of Russians to the state for free.
  • The Signal messenger started accepting donations in cryptocurrency .
  • The 18-year-old Twitter hacker received three years in prison .
  • According to media reports, the authorities will oblige large foreign IT companies to open representative offices in Russia .
  • The network has leaked data from bitcoin wallets of users of the darknet social network Atlayo .

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