Call centers that steal money under the pretext of investing in cryptocurrency have been stopped in Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) suppressed the activities of attackers who lured funds from citizens of the European Union and CIS countries under the guise of investing in cryptocurrency, securities, gold and other assets.

As reported on the SBU website , the group has organized a network of “call centers”. The cybercriminals, on behalf of employees of well-known brokerage companies, called the victims and offered to earn money on trading various assets, promising large profits in a short time.

After receiving the funds, they blocked the “depositors”. 

The cybercriminals also used the databases of victims of such schemes and offered them a refund for a commission. After paying for it, they cut off communication with the victims.

The SBU called the scheme a “cross-border fraudulent mechanism”. Its organizers were both citizens of Ukraine and other states. The activities were coordinated from Kiev.

During the searches, the SBU officers seized more than 2 million hryvnia of stolen funds, servers and documents. 

The investigation continues.

We will remind that in December the Kharkiv police exposed a group of malefactors who, under the guise of employees of banking institutions, stole money from the accounts of citizens.

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