COO Goldman Sachs: client demand for cryptocurrencies is growing

John Waldron, COO of a large US investment bank Goldman Sachs, spoke about the growing interest of clients in digital assets. Reported by Reuters .

According to the top manager, the financial institution is considering ways to meet customer demand. However, the bank is forced to comply with the rules of the regulators, Waldron added.

“The pandemic has been a significant driver of growth. There is no doubt that the e-commerce and digital asset industries will continue to grow, ”said COO Goldman Sachs.

The bank is also considering launching a custodian service and an exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on cryptocurrencies.

Waldron noted that representatives of Goldman Sachs are already in talks with regulators and central banks about the rules for working with digital assets.

In January, the media wrote that a financial institution was considering entering the cryptocurrency market . In particular, they are exploring the possibility of launching a custodian service for digital assets.

Recall that a recent survey by Goldman Sachs showed that 40% of the bank’s clients own cryptocurrency . More than 60% of them expect to grow their assets over the next 12-24 months.

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