Dogecoin mining announcement collapses the website of the social network operator Hello Pal

The website of the provider of the social platform for international language practice Hello Pal in February crashed due to server overload after the announcement of the alleged investment in the mining of Dogecoin and Litecoin.

According to a press release , Hello Pal International announced on February 8 that it has acquired a 15% stake in the Dogecoin and Litecoin mining venture, as well as the purchase of an initial 51% of at least 12,500 devices to mine these coins.
It is assumed that the facility can accommodate up to 90,000 installations and have a capacity of up to 70 MW.

Following this news, the company’s website experienced an unprecedented surge in traffic of more than 1000%, resulting in a temporary outage. Hello Pal’s online apps and streaming services were unaffected despite significant growth in traffic, the statement said.

The company has increased server performance to prevent such incidents.

“The dramatic increase in activity on our website and Hello Pal app confirms our clear position on Dogecoin, as well as cryptocurrency in general,” said Founder and Chairman of the firm, KL Wong.

The company believes that the acquisition of assets related to Dogecoin and Litecoin will allow it to play a significant role in the cryptocurrency communities. Hello Pal also expects the investment to be profitable.

At the end of February, Dogecoin became the most popular cryptocurrency among Twitter users, pushing back the traditional leader – Bitcoin.

Recall that in February, the manufacturer of miners Ebang decided to launch a business for the extraction of these altcoins .

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