French court will consider the appeal in the Vinnik case

A court in Paris from May 18 will begin to consider an appeal in the case of Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik, who was found guilty of money laundering. 

According to TASS , preliminary hearings will last until June 8.

Vinnik’s lawyer filed a petition to involve an additional IT expert in the process. He will study the materials of the US FBI, on the basis of which the prosecutor’s office builds the accusation.

“These are copies of the computer’s hard disk, as well as data from a mobile phone, the owner of which is called Alexander Vinnik,” the lawyer said. 

He added that until today, “no expert examinations have been carried out, except for a quick investigation of experts brought in by the investigation, who admitted that it was carried out quickly due to a lack of time and money.” Neither the investigation nor the defense had access to the original data, the lawyer emphasized.

Recall that a French court sentenced Vinnik, suspected of laundering at least $ 4 billion through the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange, to five years in prison and a € 100,000 fine .

The Russian’s lawyers filed an appeal in December.

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