Lamden (TAU) Rocketswap Release 08 Mar 2021

“Rocketswap will launch on March 8th, 2021.”

Rocketswap Launch Date announced, $RSWP farming, Lamden Translation Efforts – Lamden Weekly Wrap-Up 26/02/2021

There’s a lot to cover this week on the wrap-up — so much that it’s been released a day early! So let’s jump right into it.

Lamden News

  • The details for Rocketswaps launch are becoming clear with a Medium Post being released yesterday detailing the plan for launch. Rocketswap will launch on March 8th, 2021.
  • The Rocketswap Platform token, $RSWP, will be available to farm on launch day by staking Mainnet TAU on the Rocketswap app.
  • The new Lamden website is being translated by the community into many languages, if you’d like to help, message lukemarketing on Telegram — a bounty is available for key languages.

Community News

  • A platform similar to AAVE, A platform similar to MakerDAO, and an oracle solution are in development by various community members.

There’s always more around the corner in 2021 for Lamden. So stay tuned!

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