Lawyer: the transfer of subscriber data to RKN may be a disguised attempt to bypass the secret of communication

The Russian authorities want to oblige telecom operators to provide Roskomnadzor (RKN) with personal data of subscribers, as well as force businesses to transfer anonymized data of Russians to the state for free.

According to the draft government decree , RKN can access a large list of subscriber data – full name, date of birth, place of residence and passport number.

They also want to oblige operators to transfer data about all subscriber calls and voice, text and multimedia messages.

According to the explanatory note, the decree is aimed at combating “gray” SIM-cards, which are registered as dummies and are used for fraud.

The RF Ministry of Digital Science said that the content of messages and calls of the RKN will not be provided and “the secrecy of communication will be observed.” 

MTS representatives called the list of requested information redundant and noted that “some of it relates to the secrecy of communications.”

The lawyers also say that the data that is planned to be submitted for processing by the RKN is not needed by the department to exercise its powers.

“Investigation of crimes against property, which includes telephone fraud, is not within the authority of the RKN. That is, I don’t see any really pressing reasons to give this data to Roskomnadzor, ”Mikhail Tretyak, partner of the law firm Digital Rights Center, told ForkLog.

In addition, there are much less costly and more effective ways to fight phone scams and gray SIM cards, the lawyer said.

He also pointed out that such aggregation of data “will clearly entail massive leaks.”

According to Tretyak, the initiative may be an attempt to circumvent the current legislation on the secrecy of communications, but “this time more accurate than in the case of geolocation .”

The lawyer noted that the RKN “with a very high degree of probability”, receiving subscriber data, will immediately transfer them to law enforcement agencies: 

“In the case of geolocation, the siloviki were mentioned in plain text, this caused an extremely wide resonance. Now, although they are responsible for investigating fraud, they are not even mentioned, but Roskomnadzor is mentioned. “

In addition, the Ministry of Finance has sent the government updated amendments to the bill “On Personal Data”, writes “Kommersant” .

According to the document, “operators of personal data” may be obliged to provide the authorities with anonymized data of residents of the Russian Federation “for state and municipal administration”.

The Association of Big Data Market Participants believes that this will significantly slow down the development of the big data market and projects in the field of artificial intelligence in the Russian Federation.

Recall that last year Vladimir Putin approved the creation of a unified federal register of information on the population of the Russian Federation.

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