Evrice is a community created and supported project. Evrice was not funded through the ICO. There is no general director or controlling organization in the project. The project has no legal registration. The project is run by enthusiasts from different countries on a voluntary basis. Decisions on further actions and development of the project are made by the community.

The premine is 70,000,000 coins and was intended to exchange coins of the Aigar network (AGR), which is currently disabled, for new EVC coins. Their community made swap coins in January 2021. 65 million coins were used for the swap and 5 million were left for marketing purposes. In addition, the owners of the largest amount of EVC have donated 30% of their assets to the development and marketing of the project. The project has an Evrice fund created for developing and marketing.

The average block generation time is 15 seconds, so it doesn’t take much time to process and confirm transactions. Evrice coin (EVC) is sent in seconds, and due to wallet with the address book, using the EVC is simple and comfortable.

Airdrop and bounty planning in near future. They will announce about that on the news.
Public mining will be available later. They need to complete the network and engine updates.

Ticker: EVC
ICO Token price: 0.001873 USD
Whitelist: Yes



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