SpaceGold (SGOLD)

SpaceGold (SGOLD)

SpaceGold (SGOLD)

SpaceGold is an Asteroid mining project to bring back Gold and Platinum metals to Earth. There have been efforts from companies like Planetary Resources in the past in this area, but they couldn’t pinpoint a feasible approach to process the metals in Space. Well… we have found the answer, put a patent on it, and we are aiming to deliver Gold from Space in 2025 for the first time! Meanwhile that our industry is on the trend because of many events like the recent Executive Order to support mining space resources and the moon mining, we decided to initiate our IEO beside the traditional financing approaches that we already are pursuing.

We designed a Gold streaming cryptocurrency backed by physical Gold we will bring back from Space, called SGOLD which is a goldstreaming contract in the form of an ERC20 token, regulated by the CFTC, and registered with FinCen in the United States. Each SGOLD is a digital streaming contract that at a minimum entitles the holder to a total of 200 milligrams over the useful life of the mining spacecrafts we build. The value of 240 milligrams gold is $17 today. The maximum value takes place when our R&D component succeeds. Then the token holders can claim up to 0.1 oz of gold ($190 today) per SGOLD.

Funds from the investment in SGOLD will be used for engineering, fabricating, launching, and operating spacecrafts over the next 5 years that are equipped with proven moon and asteroid mining and refining technology that SpaceGold Corporation owns.

Ticker: SGOLD
Token type: ERC20
Fundraising Goal: 6 150 000 ETH
Whitelist: Yes
Accepts the following: ETC,BTC,LTC
Launchpad: Ethereum


Team from: New Zealand
Number of Team Members: 7




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