Media: Bitmain called the terms of sale of bitcoin miners

Mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain announced the prices and conditions for ordering its devices at the annual partnership summit, according to journalist Colin Wu.

After Jihan Wu left, Bitmain launched its first conference:
1. Micree Zhan believes that Bitcoin will reach 300,000 soon.
2. Bitmain awarded TSMC the best partner. Bitmain is currently being investigated by Taiwan.
3. Current reference price of the pre-sold S19 is 93 US dollars / T

– Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) March 13, 2021

The current selling price of ASIC miners of the Antminer S19 series is $ 93 for 1 TH / s. The hashrate of the most powerful device in the lineup, the S19 Pro, is 110 TH / s, which means the cost of the device for the buyer is $ 10,230.

The company takes an advance payment of 20% of the order, the minimum size of which is 1000 units.

Sales of the S19 series started in March 2020 , the price of the flagship miner was then $ 2920.

Data: Bitmain.

On the Bitmain website, the Antminer S19j with a hash rate of 90 TH / s and a price of $ 5017 appears as the last sold out devices for delivery in October 2021. Based on the figures announced at the conference, the miner will now cost the buyer $ 8,370.

According to co-founder of the company Mikri Zhang, the annual production volume has reached about a million devices.

During the event, Bitmain signed annual contracts with representatives from 13 companies, including Parallel Ventures, Core Scientific, Phoenix Technology, and Powerry.

In January, another co-founder, Jihan Wu, who served as CEO, left the company. His departure marked the end of the conflict with Zhang .

The parties came to an agreement in December , which was approved by the shareholders . Under its terms, Zhang bought out almost half of Wu’s shares in the company for $ 600 million.

The latter also received a pool with the BitDeer cloud platform and mining farms outside of China.

In February, Wu sold to Chinese company Limited.

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