Pentagon urged to expand the use of artificial intelligence

The US military must expand its use of artificial intelligence in order not to lose out to competitors. This was stated by the head of the Joint Center for Artificial Intelligence of the Pentagon, Lieutenant General Michael Groen,  reports the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

Groen said there is a need to standardize data, use the cloud, and integrate artificial intelligence into military operations.

“While the current military use of AI is a step in the right direction, it is not scalable […] If we want artificial intelligence to be our future, we must start creating it in the present,” a Pentagon spokesman said.

Groen added that one of the priorities should be the integration of the Defense Ministry’s networks into a single system. He called for a comprehensive and rapid transformation, noting that the Pentagon’s combat support systems must evolve.

The lieutenant general also drew attention to China’s plans to “dominate AI by 2030”. The Pentagon has focused on memorandums of five-year programmatic targets for 2027, Groen concluded.

The military commended the Department of Defense’s adoption in February 2020 of the ethical guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence, implemented by the Joint AI Center.

Recall that in early March, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence published a report on the continued technological dominance of the United States with recommendations for the government and business leaders.

A week later, the Chinese government unveiled a five-year plan to accelerate the development of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and quantum computing. 

In 2020, China became the leader in the number of scientific publications in the field of AI.

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