Poll: 85% of Institutional Bitcoin Holders Will Increase Investment in Cryptocurrencies

A survey by the crypto fund Nickel Digital showed that 40% of institutional investors and asset managers who own cryptocurrencies bought bitcoin to guard against inflation. Decrypt reports .

According to the survey, over 85% of digital asset owners plan to increase their investment in cryptocurrencies over the next two years. 56% expect bitcoin to grow insignificantly, while 21% expect the asset to rise further in 2021.

“There is also growing optimism about improving the sector’s infrastructure. This will lead to the fact that more large investors will enter the market, ”said Anatoly Krachilov, CEO of Nickel Digital.

According to the top manager, Bitcoin will remain highly volatile. He called this trend “expected for a new technology at an early stage of adoption.”

“The price movement for such assets should never be in a straight line. Only professional investors with a long-term position should have access to this asset class, ”added Krachilov.

Nickel Digital’s co-founder is confident that cryptocurrency investors should be prepared for high risk.

The survey included 50 institutional investors and 50 asset managers worth $ 110 billion from Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States in January 2021.

Recall, according to a recent survey of US residents, retail investors believe more in Cardano than in Bitcoin . Altcoin was supported by 31.8% of respondents against 22.2% for digital gold.

Earlier, a Goldman Sachs poll showed that 40% of the bank’s customers own cryptocurrency . More than 60% of them expect to grow their assets over the next 12-24 months.

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