Romanian hairdresser accused of stealing $ 620,000 in cryptocurrency

The Romanian Office for Combating Organized Crime and Terrorism has arrested a resident of the city of Craiova on suspicion of hacking into the “seventh largest cryptocurrency operator in the world” based in the Caymans.

Barber Ionel Roman, 38, is charged with burglary, high-tech fraud and money laundering. According to investigators, after a successful attack, he exchanged the stolen equivalent of $ 620,000 in cryptocurrency for fiat and began withdrawing in batches of 10,000 Romanian lei ($ 2,449) to bypass identity requirements.

Seven mobile phones, three laptops, five memory cards, two electronic wallets, 10,800 lei in cash and 40,000 lei from the account of one of the exchangers were seized as evidence in Roman’s house.

The accused was taken to the court of the city of Iasi, he was previously arrested for 30 days.

Recall that analysts at Chainalysis in one of the latest reports put forward a hypothesis about the involvement of a group of hackers Lazarus connected with the DPRK authorities in hacking the KuCoin bitcoin exchange for $ 280 million .

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