Runet recorded a surge in fake sale of bank card databases for bitcoins

On March 23, several dozen website domains appeared in the .ru zone, where it is proposed to purchase fake databases of bank cards. For the first time this was reported by the Telegram channel In4security .

23 domains contain the word CVV, most of them are formed by combining the words shop, store, valid and dump in various combinations. In total, experts counted about 50 domain names involved in the scheme.

To purchase databases, it is proposed to make a deposit of $ 50 to a bitcoin wallet. However, there is no cryptographic protocol for secure transmission of data on these sites.

“I am particularly pleased with the absence of an SSL certificate and remarkable errors in the text such as the word Accaunt,” noted In4security.

Cybersecurity experts pointed out that in this case, the scammers are trying to deceive the scammers by making money on inexperienced carders.

The surge in these types of fraud may be associated with the closure of large darknet marketplaces .

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