Several thousand CCTV cameras with publicly available data have been identified in Russia

Experts have discovered over 6.3 thousand vulnerable CCTV cameras located at various enterprises, gas stations and critical infrastructure facilities. 

As Kommersant reports  with reference to Avast, attackers can gain access to them through public IP addresses. The systems of most of these cameras can be penetrated without a username and password, or by guessing the default password.

According to the Internet of Things search engine, Russia is in fifth place in terms of the number of cameras with open IP. Other countries in the top five are Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States.

Recall that Russia ranks third in the total number of CCTV cameras in the world. In total, 13.5 million cameras have been installed in the Russian Federation, the researchers calculated.

Previously, the darknet sold access to all cameras of the city ​​video surveillance system installed in Moscow. 

Most cameras are equipped with a face recognition system. The public organization RosKomSvoboda demanded to introduce a moratorium on the use of technology until the implementation of the necessary measures to protect against abuse.

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