Siluanov spoke about the advantages of digital currency

Among the main trends, taking into account which the strategy for the development of the Russian financial market until 2030 will be built, are “green” technologies, digitalization and cryptocurrencies. The head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov told reporters about this .

He noted that Russia is going to launch its own digital currency. Probably, we are talking about the proposal of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to issue a digital ruble. 

“We are planning to launch our own digital currency. Costs will be reduced, and the possibility of concluding smart contracts will be simplified. In this area, we are in an absolute trend, ”Siluanov said.

He also noted that the Ministry of Finance is developing opportunities to protect unqualified investors from risks.

Recall that the Bank of Russia announced that a prototype of the platform for the digital ruble will be presented by the end of this year, and testing of the asset will begin in 2022 .

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