Telegram began to remove bots for “breaking through” data after the requirement of Roskomnadzor

The Telegram messenger began to block popular bots used to search for personal data of users.

The Telegram channel “Eye of God” says that after the audit, the administration brought the documents “into the right legal track in accordance with the recent amendments to the Law on Personal Data.” The administration noted that in the legal sense, the service is a search engine.

In addition to the “Eyes of God” bot, Telegram has removed several more popular similar services.

A few days earlier, according to Kommersant’s information, Roskomnadzor demanded that Telegram block bots that collect and distribute personal data of residents of the Russian Federation.

The department said that the actions of the owners of such bots violate the legislation on the protection of personal data.

Earlier it was reported that attackers began to use the personal data of users collected by Telegram bots for blackmail and extortion .

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