Tendermint, Citizen Cosmos and Cyber ​​Academy to Host $ 31,000 Hackathon

The Tendermint project has opened registration for the HackAtom RU 2021 hackathon with a prize pool of $ 31,000. The hackathon will run from March 15 to March 31.

The goal of the hackathon is to create DeFi projects on Cosmos and use the IBC protocol in them. Also, as part of the Pre HackAtom Translation Challenge, participants will translate the Cosmos documentation into Russian.

Event organizers include Tendermint , Citizen Cosmos and Cyber ​​Academy .

Schedule HackAtom RU 2021 (MSK):

  • registration – until March 26, 19:00;
  • submission of applications – from 15 to 26 March at 19:00;
  • workshops – from March 16 to March 25;
  • community voting for the best project – from March 27 to March 30;
  • the winners will be announced on March 31 at 15:00.

HackAtom RU 2021 Rules

The size of the team is not limited. You can communicate and consult in a hackathon chat , a group with mentors or on other resources. The organizers recommend using existing open source tools and libraries for development.

Participation rules:

  • apply on the devpost hackathon page ;
  • start development no earlier than 7:00 pm on March 15th. Only projects created during the period of the hackathon participate in the competition;
  • submit an application with a link to GitHub and project code;
  • add a file with a presentation of the project;
  • if you work in a team, submit one application with the names of all participants. Make sure they register with Devpost.

To receive a prize from the main fund, you need to go through KYC.

Prizes and categories

The guaranteed prize is a $ 50 gift card for purchases at the Cosmos store. Each team that has applied for the hackathon will receive it.

The prize fund for HackAtom RU 2021 is $ 20,000 in the main categories and $ 11,000 for solving sponsorship problems .

Prize categories:

  • $ 8,000 to develop a DeFi product using IBC and Cosmos-SDK. An example is an automatic market maker (AMM);
  • $ 5,000 for the development of an NFT product on the Cosmos-SDK. Example – wallet for NFT;
  • $ 5,000 for product development using IBC. An example is a blockchain explorer with IBC support;
  • $ 1000 for the project that will get the most votes from other hackathon participants;
  • $ 11,000 for solving sponsorship problems.

In addition, up to 20 participants will receive an award for translating documentation into Russian. From February 17 to March 10, Tendermint will distribute $ 1000 between them.

Upon completion of the hackathon, Citizen Cosmos will record a special podcast episode featuring winners in each category.

Full terms and conditions of participation are on the official website of HackAtom RU 2021 .

As a reminder, last month the Chinese national blockchain platform BSN added support for Cosmos.

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