The alleged creator of BitClout was threatened with legal action

The lawyers of the developer of the Radar Relay decentralized exchange, Brandon Curtis, sent a warning letter to Nadar Al-Naji, who is considered the creator of the BitClout NFT marketplace.

Adopting Bitcoin’s aesthetic to raise VC funding to carry out unethical and blatantly illegal schemes like @nadertheory ‘s @Bitclout_ : not cool

– Brandon Curtis ↺ (@bcmakes) March 24, 2021

According to lawyers, the platform sells tokens linked to Twitter profiles of famous people without their approval. The letter [cease and desist] states that Brandon Curtis forbids the use of his name without consent and does not want to cooperate.

“To take control of his name, Mr. Curtis needs to invest money or provide personal information. Even the exchange of messages with a support team standing tokens BitClout », – the document says.

Al-Naji offered to stop “illegal use” of the developer’s name and photo.

Earlier, the media received a list of BitClout investors . Among them are Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Coinbase Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Polychain and others.

Recall that some community members suspected BitClout of a $ 170 million scam .

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