The volume of assets blocked in the DeFi-protocols approached $ 80 billion

The value of blocked funds (TVL) in DeFi protocols reached $ 78.7 billion. The growth of the indicator was provided by projects based on the Binance Smart Chain, follows from the data of Defi Llama .

On the Ethereum network, TVL was in the $ 38-45 billion range in March, according to DeFi Pulse .

Defi Llama includes a group of tokenized bitcoins in the total. WBTC tops the rating with $ 7.72 billion. hBTC with $ 1.56 billion is on the 16th place, renBTC with $ 687.7 million – on the 23rd line.

DeFi platform PancakeSwap ($ 6.05 billion) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was in the top 5 assets by TVL in fourth position. The closest competitors based on Ethereum are Uniswap ($ 4.93 billion), Curve Finance ($ 4.57 billion), SushiSwap ($ 4.27 billion) – on the sixth, seventh and eighth lines, respectively.

The second, third and fifth places in the Defi Llama ranking are occupied by the landing protocols MakerDAO ($ 6.64 billion), Compound ($ 6.43 billion) and Aave ($ 5.38 billion). They form the top three in the DeFi Pulse rankings.

The amount blocked in DeFi protocols. Data: Defi Llama .

Over the past seven days, the leaders among the DeFi protocols on the Ethereum network have shown weakly positive or negative dynamics. BSC-based projects have shown significant growth. TVL Pancake Swap has increased by more than a third.

Over the same period, the total value of 118 tokens from the decentralized finance sector increased by 1.31%, according to Messari .

Recall that on March 28, Uniswap’s daily commissions exceeded Bitcoin by $ 1.7 million.

The high cost of transaction fees led to the migration of some users from Ethereum to BSC. In early March, PancakeSwap’s DeFi platform surpassed Uniswap in terms of the value of blocked funds .

Earlier, the Uniswap team announced the third version of the protocol , which will launch on May 5. Among the innovations are a three-tier commission structure for liquidity providers and the introduction of a second-tier Optimism solution.

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