Waltonchain (WTC) Brand Image Upgrade 31 Mar 2021 (or earlier)

Brand Image Upgrade (VI, Website).

Dear Waltonians,

We have updated the roadmap for 2020/2021. These steps will complete the Waltonchain 3.0 and 4.0 and pave the way for the 5.0 which is the autonomous decentralized ecosystem.


Decentralized Ecosystem Upgrade: Open Source Mobile Waltonchain Wallet Release


Token Swap

After Token Swap:

· GMN Semiannual Airdrop Start

· 1 Million WTC PoS Pool Airdrop

2020 Q3:

· Core Product Upgrade: Waltonchain Box 2.0

· Blockchain Explorer: New Functions

2020 Q4:

· Polo Multimodal Pecém: Early-stage Implementation Planning, Infrastructure Investment Planning

· Waltonchain Child Chain Template Release: One-click Access to Mainnet

· Launch of the Updated Cross-chain System

· Public Chain Ecosystem Upgrade: Cross-child-chain Data Query

· Official SDK Release

· DApp Platform Release

· WTA App Voting Release

2021 Q1:

· Decentralized Parent-child-chain Token Exchange

· Brand Image Upgrade (VI, Website)

· WTC App Development for Ledger Hardware Wallet

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